Don’t Walk Yet Eviction Defense Service Offers a Unique Service to Homeowners who have lost their home to foreclosure. Don’t Walk Yet can help delay the Eviction date of your property. Through our Specialized Eviction Defense Service, we will require the third party Eviction Attorney to verify certain rights and procedures before the eviction. This means that while the eviction attorney is researching and responding to answers keeps you and your family living in the house. Browse through our website to get the details and see if this is the right service for you.

Contact for: Unlawful Detainer, 3 Day Notice, 30 day notice, 60 day notice, 90 day notice, 7 day notice, Vacate Notice

+1 (888) 908-0622

Ideal Clients Include

  • Homeowner's who need the legality of the Trustee Sale to be reviewed
  • Homeowner's looking for a defense tactics other than bankruptcy
  • Homeowner's turned Down for Modification and/or already filed bankruptcy and want to stay in their home for as long as possible after the foreclosure date.
  • Homeowner's who realize that they would rather live in their own house cheaper than it would be to rent another place.
  • Anyone that needs more time to save money before they have to move out of the property
  • Anyone that has no place to go

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*Dont Walk Yet is in no way trying to permanently prevent foreclosure. We are not offering any legal advice nor representing you in any way. We advise clients to consult their local attorney or professional. Dont Walk Yet is not collecting any advanced fees from home owners in foreclosure.Dont Walk Yet should be used as the last resort for anyone who intends to keep their home after exhausting all other avenues.