DontWalkYet #1 Eviction Defense Service In California/Washington/Hawaii

Eviction Delay Services are Currently offered in all of California,Hawaii, Washington

You have rights as a Tenant and/or Former Homeowner

    If Only 3-Day Notice to Vacate is posted we can delay the eviction a minimum of 6 months, up to 12 months.

    If the Unlawful Detainer has been issued, we can delay the eviction a minimum of 4 months, up to 8 months


    Save money while finding a place to relocate: Dont Walk Yet fees are a fraction of what you could rent for.

    Move on your terms and timeline, not the banks.

    Let your children finish the school year without moving.

    Stop fearing the sheriff! We will let you know where you are in the timeline so that you can live comfortably.No Surprises

Simple and Fast Procedure:

    Just send us the contract, the 3 day notice to vacate and/or the Unlawful Detainer, payment and the eviction will be delayed.

    We know the inner workings of California Eviction Laws and how to enforce them on your behalf.

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*Dont Walk Yet is in no way trying to permanently prevent foreclosure. We are not offering any legal advice nor representing you in any way. We advise clients to consult their local attorney or professional. Dont Walk Yet is not collecting any advanced fees from home owners in foreclosure.Dont Walk Yet should be used as the last resort for anyone who intends to keep their home after exhausting all other avenues.